2. 07:29 23rd Jun 2011

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  7. Here’s a video of my pitch at Lansing Startup Weekend for http://www.todayd.com/ - be sure to check out my competition as well: http://mediasite.bus.msu.edu/mediasite/SilverlightPlayer/Default.aspx?peid=3f46d580af914328b1b525bbaa0014801d

  9. No words can describe how awesome this is.

  10. Eclipse begs the question.  (found by a co-worker)

    Eclipse begs the question. (found by a co-worker)

  12. How To Be Alone

  13. Seriously?

    Just when you think there’s some semblance of sanity in JavaScript:

    In Internet Explorer in HTML, Opera in HTML or XHTML and Safari in HTML, all elements with an id attribute are mapped to objects in the global script scope (ie. as properties of window).


  14. Sigh… downloading WinGrep because MSU’s virus software thinks bash is a virus. Hopefully only two more weeks before I go all Linux on my desktop.

  15. Every now and then I feel a temptation to design a programming language but then I just lie down until it goes away.
    — L. Peter Deutsch (via reddit)